Accessorising a wet room

When choosing which accessories will best suit a home’s wet room, certain points must be taken into consideration. The space available in the room is obviously most important, there is no point in buying several bathroom cabinets if only one will fit comfortably in the space. When floor space is at a premium, then wall cupboards are one solution. A bathroom cabinet that fits into a corner is an excellent use of space, and is extremely practical.

If there is to be no shower enclosure, such as shower curtain or shower door, then everything in the room will be damp to the touch after use. Therefore wooden or wicker items will eventually rot away or go mouldy very quickly. It is wise to consider this fact when purchasing ‘fitted’ items such as a towel rail or a toilet roll holder set. Plastic items are cheaper and will last much longer that wooden or other porous materials, and chrome accessories give a very stylish look and are easy to clean.

Shower accessories are an important consideration as shelves inside the shower area are not convenient for some people. It is possible to buy a pole that fits into the corner of the shower that has several small shelves on it. These fit flush to the wall and take up very little space, thereby not getting in the way of anyone trying to manoeuvre around the shower area. These are perfect for keeping shampoo, conditioner and soap within easy reach. A chrome wire version of this is ideal as any drops of water will drain away, making cleaning very easy.

Bathmats in a wet room should be avoided where possible due to the damp. Duckboards are a much better and very stylish option.

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