Accessorising a small bathroom

If space is at a premium adding suitable bathroom accessories in a small bathroom must be carefully considered.  Bathroom mirrors are perfect for making a room look bigger than it actually is. A well placed bathroom mirror will provide extra light in the room by reflecting light from the window to create brightness, and will also create a feeling of more space.

Storage space in a small bathroom is often a problem. One way around this is to utilise some wall space. Wall mounted bathroom cabinets can often serve two purposes. They give additional storage without taking up floor space and many now have mirrored doors.  This can also save money by there being no need to purchase a separate bathroom mirror.

Designer bathroom radiators and heated towel rails are also available in many different designs, some of which are perfect for a smaller area. There is now a designer radiator to suit all tastes; they come in all shapes and sizes (some even resemble wall art), which would make a pleasing feature in a small bathroom. Heated towel rails serve three purposes, firstly, and the most obvious, they heat the towels before use; secondly, they help to heat the room. Although not giving out much heat, in a small room they are ideal, and lastly, they serve as a storage space for a few towels and flannels reducing the need for a separate cupboard.

Under basin storage is a good idea, vanity units and similar bathroom furniture such as overhead storage (which are cupboards built up and over the toilet cistern), all help to keep floor space clear, thereby making the bathroom appear larger.

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