A Gazebo as a Play Area

Even if your gazebo is not a permanent structure it can provide the ideal play area for children.  Using a gazebo as a play area has a number of benefits; for example, it will encourage the children to be out in the fresh air rather than in the house watching television. They will, therefore, be able to play more active games, rather than the sedentary activity of using games consoles that they may play indoors.

It also means that children can play outdoors even if the weather is poor. This is perfect if the space indoors is limited, and also stops them from becoming bored while they are waiting for the sun to shine. On very hot days, it will also provide the shade they need to avoid heat stroke and sunburn. However, an enclosed space may prove to be too warm on very hot days.

Children playing indoors can often be noisy and disruptive, particularly if parents are working at home or carrying out chores.  Encouraging them to play in the garden will ensure a more peaceful, restful household.

If the garden gazebo is being used as a play area furniture is not needed, as children are more than happy with cushions and beanbags. A small table can be added if the children want to eat in the gazebo. If the gazebo is enclosed then it will discourage insects, and allow items such as cushions and toys to be safely left inside overnight.

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