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£5,600 government giveaway for home improvements

Another round of cash incentives for home owners to install new boilers, insulation, or double glazing, to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions has been announced. The Green Deal announced on Wednesday last week has made £30 million available, although a huge tranche of £24 million will be ring fenced for solid wall insulation, with home owners able to claim up to £4,000 each.

The remaining £6 million will be used for items such as storage heaters, condenser boilers and double glazing, with claims of £1.000 per home being allocated. This new funding follows on from the highly successful and hopelessly oversubscribed previous amount of £120 million which offered home owners a sum of £7,600, all of the money went in the short period of six weeks! Critics of the scheme said at the time that fraudulent claims could have been at the heart of it.

All of this cash is an effort by the government to cut carbon emissions and generate interest in energy efficiency. This followed on from the previously failed scheme to offer loans for people to finance the work.

A spokesman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change said the delayed release of just £30m would be followed by a further tranche of funding in February.



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