Laminate Flooring Installation

Laminate Flooring Installation Instructions
The following guidelines are for general use when installing laminate or wood flooring as a home improvement, always check the manufacturers information and installation details before any work commences or it may lead to the invalidation of any guarantees of you laminate floor

laminate flooring in your lounge

Make Sure the Floor is Even
Before laying your laminate flooring you will need to prepare the surface you are working on, it must be clean, dry and flat before any laminate flooring is laid.

lounge laminate flooring

Laying laminate flooring over Concrete Floors
When installing laminate flooring over concrete floors you must always use a polyethylene film as a vapour barrier, lay the film with at least 200mm overlaps at the seams.

The next stage is to layout the underlay foam, this makes the floor more comfortable to walk on and substantially reduce impact noise. it can be laid in the same direction as the boards or at right angles if you prefer with the edges butted together with no overlap and make sure to leave a 5 - 10mm gap around the edge of the room.

The foam underlay can be trimmed easily with a sharp craft or ‘Stanley’ knife

laminate flooring in your hallway

Before You Lay your Laminate Flooring
Purchase your laminate flooring at least 48 hours prior to laying and place the packs in the middle of the room in which you intend to lay it so that the planks can acclimatise to humidity and temperature of the room and allow at least 5% extra on the total room area for cutting shaping and any waste

kitchen laminate floor

Lay the boards out on the floor without gluing them to get an idea of the layout and fit. The longest dimension of the planks should run parallel with the longest dimension of the room. Starting from the longest, straightest wall in the room helps you to get a good straight line to carry across the whole room.

Each row of planks should be staggered by at least eight inches to the row preceding it. The installation can be finished off with skirting boards or quadrant molding to hide the gaps and allow the flooring to move if necessary.

light oak laminate flooring

Cutting your laminate flooring
Make sure all cutting tools are sharp before commencing any work, cut the laminate flooring face up if using a Hand Saw or Circular Saw and face down if using a Jig Saw. Use a cardboard templates to mark out awkward shapes or around pipes.

Tools Required
Installation kits are available from the laminate flooring suppliers and these vary in their content but tend to contain a Tapping Block, spacers and Pull-bar, you will also need:-

Stanley knife or craft knife
A tape measure
Cross-cut Hand-Saw or Jigsaw
Drill and Hole-cutter (for fitting round pipes)
Mitre block (for cutting skirting boards or beading)
Panel pins

For more information on laminate flooring and details of your nearest stockist Click Here

19 Responses to “Laminate Flooring Installation”

  1. guy Says:

    Mr Build It
    Are these pictures of work that you have done?
    Great info , thanks

  2. Mr Buildit Says:

    Yes we do a variety of joinery and building work including Laminate Flooring, Victorian Conservatories, Fitted Kitchens, Block Paving and Garden Design

  3. Michael Says:

    Hi, I wonder if you could help me?
    At the moment I have carpet from my front door all the way running down the hall. But I find that it is difficult to stop dirt getting on the carpet, and it’s a cream carpet! I have been thinking about laying some laminate flooring in the entrance of the hall, but I am not sure how you then go about edgeing up to the remaining carpet. What is the best thing to use to go over the join between laminate and carpet without having a ridge to possible trip on. Or is it just easier to laminate all of the hallway? My hallway by the way is fairly big and in an L shape with 7 rooms leading off it so I would think getting the laminate into doorways is another problem?
    Thanks Michael

  4. Mr Buildit Says:

    Hi Michael

    If you want laminate flooring inside the front door of your hallway you would cut using a sharp utility knife and remove the carpet from this area, lay your underlay and laminate floor following the manufacturers instruction and trim the edge to you carpet and laminate flooring with either a metallic trim or most laminate flooring suppliers sell wood effect trims to match the colour of the flooring

    A wood trim covering the joint to the carpet and laminate floor to give a flush finish
    wood carpet trim

    It is essential that you have a door mat at the house entrance to help maintain the condition of your laminate floor.

    Because your hallway is so large it may be more cost effective just to have laminate flooring adjacent to the front door to solve the problem you have with dirt getting onto the carpet, but if you do require your laminate floor to cover all of your hallway it would mean removing all of your existing hall carpet lay the underlay to the total area and to lay your new laminate floor.

    The trim to the new laminate floor and your existing carpets in each of the rooms will be located under the door so they will not be visible when the door is closed

  5. Jenny Says:

    That’s a great idea cutting away the carpet and adding a laminate floor to your hall without incurring too much cost plus it solves the problem of dirt getting on your carpet

    Thank’s Mr Buildit for a great idea

  6. Michael Says:

    Hi Mr LetMeBuildIt
    Thanks for the advice and information. The photo really helps in explaining how it should turn out.
    This has also given me inspiration in the master bedroom as we have a large bedroom which flows through into a dressing room then onto the en-suite bathroom. I think with this idea we could use this principle here when we replace the bedroom and dressing room carpet, using carpet in the bedroom and wood floor in the dressing room. The only problem I have now is actually getting round to doing all these jobs!
    Thanks again

  7. Sean Says:

    when laying laminate flooring how can i get the edges really neat where the floor meets the door frames? i have tried to make a template out of cardboard and then draw round it and cut to get the correct shape but keep messing it up!! i have heard that there is a tool that has many pins in it that you can remove until th tool fits neatly into the shape of the doorframe. is this true? if so, do you know what their called??

    many thanks


  8. Mr Buildit Says:

    To install laminate flooring neatly around a doorway don’t shape the
    flooring around the architrave it is easier and a neater finish to go underneath it.

    Using a piece of the underlay and a offcut of the laminate as a height guide lay your saw on top making sure your saw is pressed firmly against the laminate and start to saw carefully through the architrave and the bottom of the door casing, remove the surplus timber

    Start at the doorway with you first piece of flooring and insert the laminate flooring underneath the door casing and architrave make sure to allow room for expansion, the rest of the flooring clicks into place working towards the opposite walls

    This will give a neat finish to the doorway without any silicone to fill any gaps

    You can also use the off cut of underlay and laminate flooring to check if you door will still open after you have laid you new floor, lay the off cuts one on top of the other and push towards the bottom of the door checking the height the full length of the door in case the floor is out of level, if your door needs the height adjusting using a pencil laid on top of the off cuts mark the door along the full length making sure you have at least 2-3 mm clearance, remove the screws from the hinges and plane the surplus timber to the correct height and refit the door

  9. tucker Says:

    looking for information and found it at this great site.

  10. Joyce Says:

    We have just purchased laminate flooring to put down in our 4 bedroom home. All’s fine, we think, accept the L shaped hallway. All bedrooms, Living room,foyer and bath are off the hallway. Our problem is how to lay the hallway. Can you Please help us.
    Thank you

  11. linda Says:

    I just laid my laminate flooring last night but the gaps at each end of the row is uneven. It’ ranges from 1/4″ to 1/2″. What do I need to do to fix this problem? Will the quarter rounds help cover these gaps? Are the gaps too big? too small?

    Thanks for the help.

  12. Mr Buildit Says:

    Hello Linda

    the gaps what are half an inch are a little on the large side and maybe difficult to hide with the quarter round beading you have purchased to match the colour of your laminate flooring, to check this try laying the quarter round beading along the floor against the skirting board to see if it will cover the widest gaps, if it does then either glue or nail the beading to your skirting board to allow the laminate floor to expand and contract

    If you find the beading is not wide enough you could purchase a wider timber beading and stain this to match the colour of your flooring or paint it the same colour as you skirting board, it would be easier to stain or paint the beading and let it dry prior to fixing it

    hope this helps and please let us know how you got on

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