Stihl TS400 14″ Portable 2 stroke Petrol Cutter

Stihl TS 400 Portable Petrol saw

The Stihl TS400 14″ Portable Petrol saw is an indispensable tool for the rapid cutting of all block paving gardening or landscaping products, with a cutting wheel diameter of 14″/35cm it will cut through steel, concrete or rock to a maximum cutting depth of 100mm. The Stihl TS400 is compact and lightweight at only 8.9kg making it suitable for all civil engineering, building or road construction and even the emergency rescue services.

Features of The Stihl TS400

    2 stroke 64cc engine
    Decompression valve for easy starting
    built in water dust suppression
    Power output 4.4kW
    Weight 8.9Kg

9 Responses to “Stihl TS400 14″ Portable 2 stroke Petrol Cutter”

  1. Lucas Says:

    What are the main differences in performance and price between the TS400 and the TS760

  2. Mr Buildit Says:

    Hi Lucas

    The Stihl TS400 cost is approx £ 500 where as the larger and more powerful TS760 Stihl saw cost about £ 250 more.

    The power output of the Stihl TS400 is 4.4/3,2 kw compared to 6.5 hp/4.8kw for the larger TS760 Stihl saw

    The compensator which is featured on both model ensures that the fuel to air mixture does not become richer as the filter becomes more clogged so the ratio of fuel to air and the engine output remain constant making the intervals between cleaning the filter much longer

    The maximum cutting depth of the Stihl TS400 is 100mm where as the larger TS760 Stihl saw will cut to a depth of 125mm

    The weight of the Stihl TS400 is 9.1 kg compared to 13.6kg for the TS 760, it may not seem that much difference in weight but when you are bent over cutting block paving for most of the day you will certainly feel that extra weight and the strain on your back.

    hope this helps

  3. lucas Says:

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