Stihl TS760 Disc Cutting Saw

stihl cutting saw

For the ultimate in a cutting saw when laying block paving, there is no better manufacturer than Stihl for making power tools that are not only of great build quality but easy to use and handle too. This Stihl TS760 has the same size cutting blade as the Partner K700 at 14″, with the same cutting depth of 125mm, but has a 6.5hp petrol engine.

Not only will the Stihl TS760 cut block paving it can also be used to cut steel, concrete, asphalt, rock and other materials. It’s filtration system is efficient at ensuring that the engine receives the same fuel to air ratio at all times, even when the filter becomes dirty the Stihl maintains the great performance. The Stihl has all the added features that you would expect from this quality power tool manufacturer and it has an electronic ignition and an anti vibration system. It’s well worth the extra money for the Stihl brand.

8 Responses to “Stihl TS760 Disc Cutting Saw”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Is the Stihl saw really worth the extra money? I have heard alot about them… like every builder uses Stilhl and nothing else. It looks a good model though. Where can I get them from, do you have to go to a specialist dealer?

  2. larry Says:

    The Stihl saw is worth every penny in my opinion. I use one regularly at work and they are superb quality and very reliable

  3. Mr Buildit Says:

    The Stihl saw is the most popular of the 2 stroke brick cutters and its worth paying that little bit extra for reliability and above all quality

    You can Buy a Stihl Saw from some hire shops or there are authorised dealers you can locate either via your postcode or your local town

    NOTE: Always make sure you have the correct mixture of petrol and 2 stroke oil or you may damage the engine of your Stihl saw

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