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27% of British people would like to build their own home using the latest technology

There has always been a longing for a large number of British people to build their own home, but today the demand is even stronger and it is driven by the desire to include the latest high tech devices.

When questioned, the main reason was that they had complete freedom to design it just as they want it, not the way that an architect thought it should be. However, with a third of people asked saying that it would be fulfilling a life-long dream, and a further third waning a property that is completely unique, the truth is that only 7% have actually fulfilled their ambition.

Research has shown that high technology is high on people’s aspirations with 34% wanting to control appliances like boilers and such with their smartphones and self-flushing toilets also on the list of 21% respondents, whilst 20% would like their lighting controlled by their voice. When asked the reasons for wanting homes to more technically advanced, 33% said that it would make running the home easier, 9% already have some household appliances under the control of their smartphone; 62% of these use it to control their TV, 29% control their lighting and 13% their curtains. Of course not everyone favours the use of modern technologies; many think that it just encourages laziness, as well as unnecessary complications.

By 2025 ten years from now, people expect innovative technologies to be more prevalent in the home with voice activated lighting, and facial recognition security systems likely. There is a wide ranging opinion on the sort of things that many people believe with be seen in future homes, steam washing machines, voice activated cookers, remote controlled fridges, sinks with built in dishwashers, are just a few.

We are of course all individuals with personal ideas; building one’s own home is a sure way to achieve this.



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