Partner K700 Active III 350mm Saw

partner k700 Active III

When laying block paving, it makes the job all the easier if you have a good disc cutting saw. For the best performance and power get one with a 2 stroke engine. The Partner K700 Active III is a good choice and retailing out at around £500, for a builder is a worthwhile investment. If you are going to lay your block paving yourself we would recommend hiring one.

The Partner K700 Active III is very durable and reliable and incorporates the Active Air Filtration system which makes it efficient, increasing the filter life up to 5 times. The filtration system also helps it keep going for long periods of time without needing servicing. It’s design has made it a favourite piece of equipment in the trade and for contractors and hire companies alike.

It has a 2 stroke air cooled engine, giving 4.8hp, and it’s fuel tank, which has a fuel indicator will hold up to 0.70 litres. The general weight of the Partner K700 Active III is 9.3kg which is without the fuel or the blade. The blade size is 14” or 350mm and will cut to a depth of 5” or 125mm. We would recommend investing in a diamond edge cutting blade for quality and durability. The blade is all protected with the easily adjustable blade guard. The great part about the Partner K700 is the Easy Start function which makes it a quick task to get this saw going.

15 Responses to “Partner K700 Active III 350mm Saw”

  1. craig Says:

    These are great saws… I’ve worked using Partner tools for a while now and they are top quality for the price. I sometimes think Stihl saws are a bit over rated and that there are good alternatives on the market

  2. George Says:

    Hi Mr LetMeBuildIt
    What sort of life span do these saw blades have when your doing a block paving job. Does the blade need replacing regularly?

  3. Mr Buildit Says:

    Hi George

    As a guide you will be able to lay approx 120 - 150 square metres of block paving and be able to complete all of your cuts around the edge with one diamond blade, this will also depend on the type of block you are using as some blocks are harder than others and may contain granite chippings which will reduce the life of the diamond blade

    Before commencing work always check the blade is in good condition and always wear safety goggles, a dust mask and protective footwear

  4. George Says:

    Thanks Mr Buildit, that really helps.
    What sort of cost are diamond blades and are there any particular ones you would recommend?

  5. Mr Buildit Says:

    We used to purchase different types of blades for cutting the various hard and soft blocks but now for cutting block paving, tarmac or concrete we use general purpose diamond blades, they are availabe from most builders merchants are very reasonable in price and do the job required.

    The cost will vary from as little as £ 35 up to £ 70, if you think your local builders merchant is too expensive try getting them to give you some more discount on the price they have quoted you or call in at your local B & Q Warehouse or phone Screwfix

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