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DIY Tips - Using Fixings

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

As a DIY enthusiast you will often find yourself having to fix together two different types of material such as wood and metal, or metal and brickwork, and there are various ways of tackling these jobs with the vast range of fixings available on the market these days.  There are fixings for the latest generation [...]

Window Blinds in the UK

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Blinds are a stylish option no matter where you live in the UK.  Regardless of your preferences or tastes, you can match your home’s décor with a set of blinds.  Blinds come in a myriad of styles and colours, including bamboo blinds, roller blinds, venetian, roman and even wooden slatted blinds.  UK homes range from [...]

DIY Tips - Paint Types

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Choosing the right paint for a DIY project can be bewildering when you consider the number of different types available in terms of texture, thickness, colour and shades.  But having so much choice actually makes your work easier, as you will have no difficulty in finding the right one for the job at hand, whether [...]

How to Change the Heating Element in Your Dryer

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

If you have to keep running your clothes through the dryer again and again and still find they are damp, it may be time to replace the heating element.  You can hire a professional to do this, or you can save a lot of money by doing this quick task on your own. The first [...]

Choosing the Right Bath

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

The bath is one of the most important items in the bathroom. In order to transform your bathroom into the perfect place to relax and unwind, it is important that you select a bath that is right for you. Exploring the many types of baths available will enable you to seek out a bath that [...]

Looking After Exterior Metal Items

Monday, June 20th, 2011

A number of metal items commonly found on the external surfaces of houses include such things as decorative lamps, brackets for hanging baskets, downpipes, and guttering, although on more modern houses, these are usually of the plastic variety. As a DIY homeowner, you can considerably improve the decorative finish on the exterior of a house [...]

Magis Puppy Whimsical Chair

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

The wonders of childhood and imagination are captured in this wonderful Magis puppy sculpture toy designed by the famous Aarnio.  Eero Aarnio has provided children the world over with his creative “me too collection” of furniture just for kids.  The Magis puppy is abstract and comes in several colours including one that even glows in [...]

Blinds – a great way to add style to your home

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Window treatments not only protect the privacy of your home, they help create the ambiance and atmosphere of your home’s style and personality.  Blinds are one of the available options. Blinds come in an array of colours and styles to match any décor.  Modern blinds are not just PVC slats - cloth, bamboo and wood [...]

Woodblock Panels

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Parquet flooring is just one type of woodblock material used in flooring, and woodblock flooring in general is a popular alternative to carpets.  It is durable and looks attractive and clean, where carpets tend to collect dust and can look shabby after a while.  There is also not much difference in cost between laying a [...]

Preparing Exterior Walls

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

DIY priorities for the house should be headed by the upkeep of its outside surfaces, as first impressions are important.  Time spent doing essential preparations will pay dividends in a professional look and feel, just as is the case with interiors. One of the most common problems with exterior walls is the growth of mould.  [...]